Minor Orthodontic Treatment

Society has been fixated on attaining an attractive smile, as proven by models on magazine covers and movie and television stars having beautiful white teeth. A gorgeous smile means more than white teeth; it means healthy teeth.  
When the periodontist looks at your teeth, he will evaluate your gums, the way your top and bottom teeth bite together, and how your teeth are positioned next to one another in each arch. These factors greatly impact the health of your teeth and gums, and we may recommend minor orthodontic treatment to repair some issues. When your teeth do not occlude in the ideal position, the forces exerted by your teeth when you eat are not distributed evenly amongst your dentition, and may result in periodontal issues such as recession or localized periodontitis. You may also be more prone to grinding or clenching. Minor changes in the position of your teeth could make a significant difference in the health of your teeth. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, of periodontics and orthodontics, will yield the best results to maintain health and achieve an attractive smile. Successful orthodontic treatment will demand patient compliance in maintaining good oral health care and following through with professional recommendations.
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